#FarmPower and Pedal the Plains

#FarmPower and Pedal the Plains

This last weekend's fourth annual Pedal the Plains participants cycled through 172 miles of Colorado's sweeping plains. This event brought approximately 1,200 cyclists to Eastern Colorado.

The Colorado Farm Bureau has always participated in the event as it showcases agriculture across the region. Farm Bureau volunteers manned the amazing Ag in Motion display to help education the public on the importance of Colorado Ag.

Colorado Farm Bureau Director of State Affairs Nick Colglazier says that this year's team #FarmPower did their part to tell the story of ag and energy.

Colglazier: "We had our #FarmPower team out there talking about the symbiotic relationship between agriculture and energy and energy development. So there was a lot of people that hopefully gained a lot from what we talked about. And didn't really know that it takes a lot of energy to raise the crops that then become their food."

Anytime Colorado Ag can tell its positive story to consumers it is a win. Colglazier adds

Colglazier: "This is a great way for us in Eastern Colorado and in the rural parts of Colorado to showcase what we are all about. To show people our country, our way of life and that we are proud of it. We take caring for the land and our animals very seriously. The food that they buy doesn't come from the back of a grocery store. It comes from the hard work and the efforts of farmers and ranchers from places like Eastern Colorado."

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