Potatoes Raise The Bar

Potatoes Raise The Bar

One important aspect of the Potato-Friendly Salad Bar Challenge's success is ensuring that the school nutrition and food service marketing program has plenty of new recipes, resources and toolkits to assist School Food Service Directors in using more potatoes in the schools.

United States Potato Board Global Consumer Marketing Manager Meredith Myers shares that the USPB is introducing their new Food Service Marking program at the national meeting of School Food Service Directors in early July.

Myers: "Our marketing objectives is very straightforward — its to increase new potato offerings in schools. Ultimately the new direction is really about igniting the interest and creating excitement with the U.S. potato industry in providing these healthy meals for kids. One of the big numbers I love looking at is in grades K through 12 they eat 5 billion school lunches each year and one more serving of potatoes a week equates to 3.75 million hundred weight of potatoes."

Myers says the campaign is called, Potato Raise The Bar she shares more

Myers: "This great campaign works beautifully talking about potatoes regardless of where they are located — of course we want to encourage more potato consumption on salad bars but it is on salad bars and behind the lines. We are going to continue to build our involvement with these influencers in the communities."

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