National Day of the Cowboy

National Day of the Cowboy

National Day of the Cowboy. I’m Greg Martin with today’s Line On Agriculture.

This coming Saturday is the national Day of the Cowboy and work is still being done in states to get the action passed. Kelsee Bradshaw is the spokesperson for the National Day of the Cowboy.

BRADSHAW: There’s the holiday aspect of it and there’s the campaign aspect of it and we are trying to get the National Day of the Cowboy passed as a bill in all 50 states. Right now the National Day of the Cowboy is just passed as a bill. The big thing there about being passed as a bill is in perpetuity. Every year a lot of states pass it as a resolution which means we have to use our non-profit time and money to go back every year and go back to the legislature and get them to pass it again.

California and Oregon along with 6 other states have passed the bill in perpetuity. Washington has only passed a resolution and Idaho has done a proclamation.

BRADSHAW: We don’t all need to be 24/7-365 ranching cowboys but just having the respect for the ideals and the mentality and however you want to take it to heart. That’s kind of one of the neat things about the National Day of the Cowboy like I mentioned. It kind of means something different to everybody and we kind of all have our own different western or cowboy memories that we can reminisce on and be proud of.

So this Saturday, dust off your cowboy boots and that Shady Brady hat. And don’t forget to check out the National Day of the Cowboy web site at

(Should’ve Been A Cowboy - Toby Keith)

That’s today’s Line On Agriculture. I’m Greg Martin on the Ag Information Network.

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