Reserve Veterinary Corps Activated

Reserve Veterinary Corps Activated

Reserve Veterinary Corps Activated


I’m Lacy Gray with Washington Ag Today.


In order to assist with the response efforts at the State Route 530 mudslide in Snohomish County the Washington State Department of Agriculture has deployed two voluntary veterinarians and two vet techs with the WSDA’s volunteer Reserve Veterinary Corps. The WSDA has received vet support requests for about thirty rescue dogs that need treatment for conditions such as minor cuts, hypothermia and damaged pads. Kathy Davis, Communications Officer with the WSDA, explains.


DAVIS: We’re hoping that this will provide some treatment for those rescue dogs that have been working so hard in the response effort. We’ve gotten reports that they have some medical needs like some cuts, damaged pads - you know, it’s been cold and wet and they’re suffering from hypothermia, and they’re exposed to contaminating material and substances in the debris zone, so they need to be decontaminated and just checked out.


And for those wanting to assist in this effort.


DAVIS: In terms of this particular effort, this Reserve Vet Corps, they are always looking for more people to get involved and they can volunteer to sign up for this. There’s a page on our website that tells you how to get involved.


The RVC is a body of animal health professionals trained in incident command response and available to assist with livestock or animal health care in the event of an animal disease outbreak or natural disaster, such as the devastating mudslide which struck along SR 530 on March 22. For more information on the RVC call 360-902-1889.


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