No Simple Answers For Antibiotic Resistance Issue

No Simple Answers For Antibiotic Resistance Issue

Last week several members of Washington’s livestock industry testified at the Seattle City Council’s Committee meeting on the use of antibiotics in animal agriculture.


One of the livestock industry representatives was Washington State Dairy Federation Executive Director Jay Gordon who shared frustration with the over simplification of the issue of antibiotics use in animal agriculture


Gordan: “It’s just not simple — it’s just blaming. Pointing at them and saying I’m there to blame and saying getting rid of them and my problems will go away. No - it won’t. If Seattle City Council wanted to they could fund all of the conversation with budget dust.”


The Dairy Federation worked on an animal and human health project with Pierce County Health Department for six years at a cost of approximately $120,000 per year. It included all parties around the table understanding all sides of the issue and actively working towards solutions using sound science.


Gordan asks the Seattle City Council to consider how they could really make a difference


Gordan: “That’s leadership — that’s saying we’re going to that instead of sending a dear santa letter to congress ‘please pass this antibiotic resistance sub-therapeutic— NO, Seattle City Council you guys have enough money that if this is that important. And those people didn’t show up because it is not important — it is important. Their passion — while some their facts may be wrong — the underlying scariness of MRSA and salmonella super bugs is important.”


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