USPB Promotes New Potato Dishes Through Instructional Videos

USPB Promotes New Potato Dishes Through Instructional Videos

The United States Potato Board is always looking for new ways and new methods to get out recipes for new potato entrees, especially for the food service industry. Recently the USPB had Culinary Institute of America’s instructor Bill Briwa create six potato recipes and produced how-to-videos highlighting both breakfast and side salad dishes.


USPB Public Relations Manager Meredith Myers shares more


Myers: “Both collections the breakfast salads and side salads were videoed taped and they are all now available on our website — You just go to and click on hot potato news and access the video page and Viola the whole entire collection. These videos are directed at professional chefs. The whole idea is to inspire chefs with new innovative fresh and healthy potato ideas to really drive innovation at food services for potatoes.”


Myers adds that anyone can enjoy and learn from the videos to add to their recipe collection, not just professional chefs.


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