New DOE Advisory Committee to Build Relationships

New DOE Advisory Committee to Build Relationships

Washington State's Department of Ecology is has sent out invitations to a broad array of ag interests to participate in their new agriculture and water quality advisory committee.

Washington Cattlemen's Association President Vic Stokes will be the co-chairman of this committee along side of of DOE's Director Maia Bellon. He shares more

Stokes: "I applaud Director Bellon for putting this committee together. I think it is important to have the discussion on the non-point ag water quality issue. I'm sure we are going to have some lively discussions — there is no doubt about that. But you can't just have these conversations here and there — I think it is important to get everybody in the room at the same time and lay things out on the table. I think some of the conversations are going to be robust."

The committee will discuss issues and provide advice and guidance associated with the work Ecology does to prevent pollution. The purpose is to provide an open forum for producer and stakeholders to meet DEO staff, hear what is currently being done and provide guidance as the challenge of ensuring water quality protection and a healthy agricultural community is addressed by the agency.

Seventeen ag groups have been invited to send an representative as well as multiple Tribes and several environmental groups. The first meeting will be on March 19th and future meetings will alternate from one side of the state to the other.

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