U.S. Table Stock Has Successful Start in Philippines

U.S. Table Stock Has Successful Start in Philippines

One of the newer markets for U.S. table stock potatoes is the Philippines. And exciting things have been happening with the United States Potato Board and its team in efforts to make this new market a success since gaining market access in July of 2013.

Sarah Reece, USPB International Marketing Manager says following a trade mission, there was a trade seminar for Filipino importers, distributors, retailers and chefs.

Reece: "The trade seminar was a huge success. We planned to have 60 people show up to the seminar and ended up with 80 people coming. It was standing room only and it created a lot of interest and excitement. Participants gained a good understanding of the U.S. potato industry, U.S. potato quality and varieties and we talked about the specifics of including U.S. potatoes as well as storage and handling."

Following initial successful introduction of US trade mission and seminar there was a reverse trade mission and then a sample shipment of Russet varieties, reds and yellow potatoes was sent to Philippines. Reece shares the results of all this marketing activities.

Reece: "We have five companies that will be importing U.S. table stocks potatoes to the market for first time this month."

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