Bayer's Luna for Potatoes

Bayer's Luna for Potatoes

Bayer's Luna for Potatoes. I'm Greg Martin with today's Line On Agriculture.

Making plans for the 2014 potato growing season? Bayer Crop Science product manager for the horticultural fungicides, Mark McCauley says it's a good time to start thinking about using Luna.

McCAULEY: With our Luna Tranquility our starting timing, our normal timing especially for the early blight and and white mold markets and those would be the two most important diseases that we go afar, those are at the row closure time. Most applications are made as the row is starting to close over and then that would be a first spray.

He says that is the starting point.

McCAULEY: Depending upon the level of disease control or the program that a grower or consultant is putting together we may come back with one or possibly more applications after that. Again it just depends upon the conditions at the time and the level of disease control that the grower is trying to achieve there.

McCauley talks about how to keep on top of disease and resistance.

McCAULEY: Continued use of similar chemistry year after year after year allows the pathogen or the disease itself over time to build up a resistance to the product. The timing of applications and the number of applications is many times is based on what you might refer to as a chemical rotation in an effort to use different chemistries that have activity on the target pests but by using different chemistries you make it more difficult for pathogen itself to develop or mutate in such a way that it becomes resistant.

That's today's Line On Agriculture. I'm Greg Martin on the Ag Information Network.

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