Ready, Set, Roll -- Cheese Rolling is Back

Ready, Set, Roll -- Cheese Rolling is Back

If running with the bulls in Spain sounds like too much of an adrenaline rush ... what about chasing an 11 pound wheel of cheese down a steep mountain? Sound interesting? Well, the Dairy Farmers of Canada sponsors a fun and unique festival this weekend on August 17th in Whistler, British Columbia. This festival will feature cheese rolling races, costume contests and other fun activities for the whole family.

British Columbia Dairy Farmer and Cheese Rolling Festival spokesperson Jeremy Wiebe says

Wiebe: “It is called the Cheese Rolling Festival and that is what it is a festival. At the bottom of the hill when you get off the gondola, there a market place where people can sample cheeses and do cheese seminars and learn everything possibly you might to learn about cheese. But the main event and the main draw are the cheese rolling races. What happens there is we run in heats of 12 people and a roll of cheese like a big cheese wheel is rolled down the mountain and these crazy people chase this roll of cheese down the mountain.”

If you are looking for something fun and different to do as the summer is drawing to a close, Wiebe encourages you to attend.

Wiebe: “It’s a great day and a lot of fun. Whistler is a beautiful location and there is not a better place to go in the summer time and it’s a lot fun on the side of a mountain, celebrating Canadian cheese.”

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