Educational Opportunities

Educational Opportunities

Educational Opportunities

I’m Lacy Gray with Washington Ag Today.

Located between Spokane and Cheney, the Pine Meadow Farm Center is a 32-acre non-profit teaching farm that is quickly developing into a regional destination for experiential education centered around nutrition, farming, gardening and sustainable living skills. Pine Meadow Farm Center’s Chrys Ostrander talks about some of the crops and livestock that can be found at the Center.

OSTRANDER: We have a half acre of irrigated intensive vegetable crops that we grow using organic techniques guided by permaculture principles. We also have another half acre where we’re experimenting with dry farming of various kinds of vegetables, small grains and cover crops. We also have a herd of about twenty-seven dairy goats and a flock of chickens.

The Center has a small staff, but is primarily ran with the help of volunteers.

OSTRANDER: Everybody who works with the organization at this point is working as a volunteer. We have an active program of recruiting volunteers from all walks of life to come and help us do the work on the farm. We have a lot of support in the community.

A good way to see if perhaps volunteering at Pine Meadow Farm Center is right for you is to visit their upcoming Open House June 22nd.

OSTRANDER: That’s right! We’re inviting the public to come. We will have mini-workshops, things about goat husbandry, organic gardening, greenhouse management, organized children’s activities, and at least one children’s performer.

For more information about Pine Meadow Farm Center and the Open House visit their website at


I’m Lacy Gray and that’s Washington Ag Today on the Ag Information Network. 

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