Alpaca and Llama Workshop & Emergency Wolf  Ruling

Alpaca and Llama Workshop & Emergency Wolf Ruling

Alpaca and Llama Workshop & Emergency Wolf Ruling

I’m Lacy Gray with Washington Ag Today.

The 6th annual free Llama and Alpaca Information Day will be held May 4th at JNK Llama Farm in Bellingham. JNK Llama Farm owner, Niki Kuklenski, talks about what will be covered during the day long clinic.

KUKLENSKI: We always have a basic offering, which is shearing, toenails, basic vet care, and then this year we have a gentleman - Circle A Trailers locally, is coming to talk about trailer maintenance and laws regarding trailers. We also have someone coming to talk about farm insurance - range insurance, and what kind of liability you have involved with having livestock. We also have an ex-animal control officer coming to talk about what happens when your animals get out, or if there’s a problem with your animals and ways that prevent that, or to expedite that if that happens.

Fiber demonstrations and classes will also be going on throughout the day, along with a visit by DVM Michael Anderson.

KUKLENSKI: He will be doing two different classes - a basic care and management for new llama and alpaca owners, and then an advanced class, which is usually some sort of current issue.
Following that he is doing a discounted gelding day where he will be gelding llamas and alpacas at a really good rate to help curb our rescue market.

No animals will be sold as the sole focus of the workshop is to educate and help people learn to take care of their animals.

On Friday the state Fish and Wildlife Commission voted unanimously to adopt an emergency rule giving farmers and ranchers in Eastern Washington, where gray wolves have been federally delisted, the right to shoot a wolf that is attacking their livestock or pets. The emergency rule is in effect for 120 days and can be reinstated one time.


I’m Lacy Gray and that’s Washington Ag Today on the Ag Information Network.

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