Helping Feed the Hungry

Helping Feed the Hungry

Susan Allen
Susan Allen

Welcome to Open Range, I’m Susan Allen. Stay tuned because after the break I’ll check in with our field reporter, Greg Martin for the AgriBeef Minute.

I’m Greg Martin with today’s AgriBeef Minute. There are hungry people right here in the northwest. A new partnership is help to solve that problem according to Linda Nageotte, CEO for Food Lifeline.

NAGEOTTE: Food Lifeline is the largest hunger relief organization serving western Washington. Our job is to stock the shelves of 300 food banks and meal programs throughout all of western Washington and we’re really happy to have partnered with the good folks at AgriBeef and the Washington Beef Commission.

Nageotte says they are teaming up with beef producers across the state.

NAGEOTTE: It’s a vertically integrated partnership that we have developed so folks who are in the agriculture community; ranchers, feedlots, processors can all participate in the Beef Counts program by donating heads of cattle, by donating processing of beef, by contributing funds that we can use to purchase beef.

If you purchase beef from Hagen Top Foods a portion of the price will help Food Lifeline. She urges people to go to

NAGEOTTE: There are instructions there about how to be involved and lots of great information whether you are in eastern Washington or western Washington, this is a statewide partnership.

I’m Greg Martin and that’s today’s AgriBeef Minute.

Thanks Greg. Don’t forget Greg will be back each Wednesday with the AgriBeef Minute. Agri Beef Co - Real Families, Great People, Exceptional Beef. I’m Susan Allen. 

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