Nominate A Farmer

Nominate A Farmer

Nominate A Farmer! I’m Greg Martin as Line On Agriculture presents the Harvest Clean Energy Report.

This year’s Harvesting Clean Energy Conference is quickly approaching and in an effort to help spotlight the people who are helping to bring innovative ideas and projects to light, Clark Gilman, Program Manager for Harvesting Clean Energy and Climate Solutions says they have created a new award to be handed out this year.

GILMAN: We’re trying something new at this years Harvesting Clean Energy Conference. I want to ask your listeners to nominate for the 2011 Clean Energy Farmer of the Year award. Our program works to recognize the best of breed farmers, ranchers, dairymen, orchardists, food processors and rural small businesses.

This years conference gets underway October 23 through 25 in Boise.

GILMAN: This award is sort of a peoples choice. Nominations close September 9th and the awards will be presented at the 11th Annual Harvesting Clean Energy Conference. For more information or a nomination form,

If you think you might know of someone that would be a good candidate, Gilman talks about the criteria you can judge your nominee by.

GILMAN: Here’s our criteria for selecting Harvesting Clean Energy Farmers of the Year. First; are they an innovator in farm energy? Do they harvest a range of clean energy sources such as renewable power, biofuels and or energy efficiency? Second; have they shown excellence in building a long term integrated energy strategy to control costs, manage risk and benefit the bottom line. And then third; do they serve as an inspiration and educator of farmers and others in the ag community?

You can register now for the 11th annual Harvesting Clean Energy Conference, the Northwest’s premiere gathering of the agriculture and energy industries to advance rural economic development through clean energy. The conference draws on top-notch presenters with real-world experience getting successful projects built. This year’s power-packed agenda will focus on the practical steps, helping you understand: Where are your best opportunities in renewable energy, biomass and biofuels, or upgrading to energy efficient equipment? What financing, technical expertise, and partners are available to help?

For additional information on the Nominate A Farmer award, the upcoming conference or clean energy in general, visit That’s today’s Line On Agriculture. I’m Greg Martin on the Ag Information Network. 

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