How to Not Make a Dime Leasing  Hunting Land

How to Not Make a Dime Leasing Hunting Land

Susan Allen
Susan Allen


To help support their farms and ranches many owners lease land for hunting, it’s big business and when Open Range returns I’ll tell you how a group of farmers have come together to create a co-op of hunting land but interestingly aren’t making a dime for their efforts. Thanks to the stewardship of Eastern Washington farmers and ranchers what we call the Basin region is rich with duck and upland habitat. In the fall there is nothing I like better than driving with my windows down and listening  to the  sound of migrating birds while pattern after pattern of duck and geese  fill this big sky country. Because the "Basin" is so thick with both upland and duck habitat these farmers work hard to protect vegetation using good grazing  rotation methods with dairy and beef cattle herds. They often plant corn and other cover crops to attract the ducks and geese that assure their clients memorable hunting experience. Yet despite their efforts and organization the Royal City farmers fail to make a dime, ah but they still profit.... and in a big way, through  enriching the community .You see for years the farmers and ranchers within the Royal City school district have co-oped to run a fee hunting club on over a thousand acres of habitat and then these individuals generously donate all proceeds to the Royal City Booster club to help the schools. Kudos to you farmers and ranchers your are not only refreshingly unselfish but put a whole new twist on fee hunting.
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