Horses Seized & Turning 100

Horses Seized & Turning 100

Horses Seized & Turning 100 plus Food Forethought. I’m Greg Martin with today’s Northwest Report.

Two malnourished horses were seized from a field near Silver Creek Falls last Saturday. A woman had rented a portion of the property last April and wasn't caring for two horses placed there. The owner of the field had tried to keep the horses fed. The paddock for the horses was actually a converted dog run of 15 by 40 feet where mud had reached a foot deep. Both horses suffered rain rot, mud fever, muscle loss and hoof rot. The horses were taken to the Lighthouse Farm Sanctuary in Linn County.

Longevity seems to run in my family. My grandfather lived to 93, his sister was 103 and my mom will be 91 this year. More and more people are living longer and in better health. Take 100 year old Dorothy Custer of Twin Falls, Idaho who was Jay Leno’s guest on the Tonight Show. She knows how to tell a story.

LENO: I understand you went to Universal Studios yesterday.

CUSTER: Yes I did and you know the wind was terrible and I had a skirt on and the wind was just a blowin’ it like that. And I was a hangin’ on to my hat and a kid came up to me and he says “Lady,” he says, “you’d better stop hangin’ on to your hat and pull your dress down, you’re showin’ everything you got!” (Laughter) And I said I don’t care. What they see down there is 100 years old, this is a brand new hat! (Laughter)

Now with today’s Food Forethought, here’s Lacy Gray.

In traveling abroad to the U.K. it was interesting to see the differences and yet abundant similarities in our two cultures. We constantly hear about how overweight Americans are from our foreign neighbors. And while the US does have its problems with obesity, we don’t stand alone in this. There appears to be a significant problem in that same area for our British cousins. Don’t believe everything you hear about British food being bland and boring, its certainly not. British food is delicious, but they do tend to lean towards carbs and sauces. Who ever heard of tea without cream, cakes or biscuits? And they do tea several times daily. How about Shepherd’s Pie, yummy meat and veggies swimming in gravy, encased in a pastry crust, or their famous Yorkshire pudding, which isn’t what we consider pudding at all, but rather an airy, flaky popover like quick bread baked in beef drippings. One thing they do have over us in their fight against obesity is their willingness and downright enthusiasm for walking everywhere. With public walk paths crisscrossing the countryside, they can literally walk from village to village, and often do!

Thanks Lacy. Just a reminder checkout as an option to sell farm equipment. That’s today’s Northwest Report. I’m Greg Martin on the Ag Information Network.

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