Pasco Real Ag Show

Pasco Real Ag Show

Pasco Real Ag Show. I’m Greg Martin with today’s Line On Agriculture.
Bigger and Better. That is how Nikki Gerds, Executive Director of the Greater Pasco Chamber of Commerce describes the 2010 Pasco Real Ago Show.

GERDS: Our tagline is that we just got real because we needed to be just a little bit more updated with the ag industry. We realized that the show had fallen behind just a hair and we wanted to get caught up so we decided to bring in more of a high tech feeling we’re bringing in things on biofuels, energy, all sorts of things.

They are currently looking for some additional exhibitors and so far it looks like it will be a great show.

GERDS: We have quite a few new ones that are listed and it just seems like everyone is pretty amped up about the new look, the new feel. Everyone’s excited that were becoming a little bit more innovative, keeping an eye on the industry and bringing in what there needs are definitely is one of the objectives of our show this year.

Gerds says that there are still some important pieces from the past that they will continue to incorporate.

GERDS: This year we are raising the bar on our education piece as well as including the younger generation so there’s kid of a beginning to end feel with bringing in the FFA students. Hopefully their participation will also raise the bar. We’ll be giving out some scholarships as well to continue their education

One new event is this year’s kickoff event called Fireback an ag policy roundtable where you will be able to interact with key policy makers on a number of topics including biofuels, and  cap & trade.

GERDS: It was real apparent that our small-time farmers, our urban farmers we’re just getting squeezed out of the business this last couple of years and we really wanted them to have a chance to be heard and to have those statements taken to Olympia and hopefully make some change there. Washington Policy Center is actually going to come in and facilitate that for us and they’re going to be bringing some speakers to speak on those issues and hopefully bring a new perspective to the table.

The 2010 Pasco Real Ag Show will be January 5th & 6th at TRAC and Columbia Basin College in Pasco. There are still opportunities to help sponsor the event and they are also looking for Ag Hall of Fame nominees. Visit their website,

That’s today’s Line On Agriculture. I’m Greg Martin on the Northwest Ag Information Network.

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