Animal Activists Pt 2

Animal Activists Pt 2

Bob Larson
Bob Larson
I'm Bob Larson. Animal activists are suspected of breaking into farms around the country where they believe animals are being abused.

The group, Direct Action Everywhere has been posting online videos from different farms to display their findings ...

HANNAH THOMPSON-WEEMAN ... "So they're slogan is 'Until Every Animal is Free' and they are promoting veganism and treating animals with the same rights as humans."

Hannah Thompson-Weeman with the Animal Agriculture Alliance says everyone needs to protect themselves and their property ...

HANNAH THOMPSON-WEEMAN ... "Well farm security is critically important no matter where you are even if you're in a rural area. It can be easy to assume that it won't happen to you, but these examples should be a warning that all farmers and ranchers should implement some really basic principles of farm security. Things like having motion sensor lights, locking barns, having cameras, even, recording your property entrances and exits."

And, Thompson-Weemans says, training is also important ...

HANNAH THOMPSON-WEEMAN ... "So all employees, all family members, anyone who will be on the farm needs to know how to handle unexpected visitors. That it's okay to ask for verification of identity, it's okay to ask for credentials, and it's okay to tell someone 'you need to schedule an appointment if need to meet with someone here'."

She says these activists are hard to pin down so they can be held accountable.

For more information on these activist groups or for farm security tips, you can go to their website, Animal Ag Alliance dot org.

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