Trade Mission to Southeast Asia

Trade Mission to Southeast Asia

Trade Mission to Southeast Asia

I'm Lacy Gray with Washington Ag Today.

Washington State Potato Commission's Ryan Holterhoff will be one of several delegates from the Washington and Oregon potato commissions and both states' Departments of Agriculture leaving on a two week trade mission to Southeast Asia later this month to promote potatoes. According to Holterhoff their mission will be focused around fresh potatoes, as both the Philippines and Vietnam have recently granted access to fresh potatoes from the U.S.

HOLTERHOFF: We're definitely grateful for both the Vietnam and Philippines for the access that was granted and for all the work that went in both from our government and their governments to make that happen. One of the great benefits of having both directors along on the trip is to be able to have those government to government meetings, and have Director Hover and Director Coba be the voices for us.

While access has been granted there are still tariffs and duties that add to the cost of U.S. potatoes entering into those markets.

HOLTERHOFF: So, we'll have those discussions and look at opportunities to reduce those where possible.

The trade mission begins in Manila on October 28, with a seminar for local chefs focusing on new ways of preparing potatoes to help drive interest among local consumers. Similar seminars will be held in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam. Holterhoff says that in Myanmar the trade mission will focus on exploring the region for a better sense of how Washington growers can best serve consumers in that country.

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