Filtered Manure Water for Irrigation and Support for Renewable Energy Down

Filtered Manure Water for Irrigation and Support for Renewable Energy Down

Bob Larson
Bob Larson
From the Ag Information Network, this is your Agribusiness Update.

**Prompted by drought-induced water-allocation cutbacks in 2014, DeJager Farms began looking at buried drip irrigation and manure water from its dairy to try to help its operations survive.

Since then, the Chowchilla-based producer of milk, beef, row and specialty crops has installed seven irrigation systems that treat and filter manure water from dairy operations to support crops such as silage corn.

Such efforts are being increasingly supported by climate-smart agriculture grants.

**USDA’s June Grain Stocks Report shows corn in all positions on June 1, totaled 4.99 billion bushels, up 22% from June 1 of last year.

Of the total stocks, 3.03 billion bushels are stored on farms, 37% over last year.

Soybeans totaled 970 million bushels, up 22%.

Wheat stored in all positions totaled 702 million bushels, up 23% over 2023.

On-farm stocks are estimated at 139 million bushels, up 12%.

**A Pew Research Center survey shows a decline in America’s support for renewable energy.

While solar and wind power remain popular, support for expanding them has dropped.

Support for solar expansion has dropped from 90% in 2020, to 78% now.

Wind went from 83% in 2020 to 72% now.

The survey also shows a reluctance to embrace the phasing out gas-powered vehicles. Three in ten Americans would consider buying an EV.

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