Electric Vehicle Debate Combusts in Senate Panel Hearing

Electric Vehicle Debate Combusts in Senate Panel Hearing

Haylie Shipp
Haylie Shipp
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The Biden Administration has finalized new mileage standards for cars and light trucks that reflect the White House’s push toward electric battery vehicles and away from liquid fuels. The final Transportation Department standards require new passenger vehicles sold after 2027 to increase mileage gradually to more than 50 miles per gallon by 2031.

A recent Senate Energy panel hearing was a flashpoint for the EV versus combustion engine debate…

“No one believes that two-thirds of the cars sold in America in 2032 are going to be electric. The Biden Administration’s fixation on these electric cars amounts to wishful thinking on his part. But despite generous subsidies, the demand for electric cars is stagnating.”

Wyoming Republican John Barrasso’s attack drew this response from Energy panel Democrat and Finance Chair Ron Wyden…

“The automakers are already making changes, making sure that we’re getting real improvement. We’re seeing build-out of charging stations.”

But Barrasso wasn’t buying it…

“His efforts to force-feed Americans electric cars is going to cause greater instability in our nation’s electric system.”

A recent lawsuit was filed against the EPA over its tailpipe emissions rule, claiming it also limits any role for gas-ethanol blends.

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