Organic Walnut Prices Down and National Pollinator Week

Organic Walnut Prices Down and National Pollinator Week

Bob Larson
Bob Larson
From the Ag Information Network, this is your Agribusiness Update.

**Certified organic crops typically earn a higher price than their conventional counterparts but, for struggling California walnut growers, the organic premiums have not translated to higher profits.

The price of conventional walnuts has plunged to record-low levels in recent years, dragging down organic walnut prices.

Teddy Schrier, with Grower Direct Nut Company, says at the same time, “a steady increase in supply” has also weighed on the organic walnut market.

**Last week the USDA recognized and celebrated National Pollinator Week and the pollinator species that play a critical role in producing more than 100 U.S. crops.

Ag Secretary Tom Vilsack says healthy pollinator populations are essential to the continued success and well-being of agricultural producers, rural America, and the U.S. economy.

He says without them, many of our nation’s crops wouldn’t be able to produce as many fruits, nuts, or vegetables.

**There’s been recent progress toward a 2024 Farm Bill, but is it enough?

Farm Policy News says lawmakers have hinted that passage of a full farm bill this year is growing more unlikely.

Another extension of the 2018 Farm Bill remains the most likely outcome.

Senate Ag Chair Debbie Stabenow is pessimistic the House Ag Committee-passed bill will make it through the House and fears a Senate bill may face the same fate.

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