AG and Washington State Pt 2

AG and Washington State Pt 2

Bob Larson
Bob Larson
From the Ag Information Network, this is today’s Fruit Grower Report. Whether it’s arrogance or ignorance, too many people are unaware of what farmers and ranchers deal with on a day-to-day basis to produce our food.

U.S. Representative, Dan Newhouse says the hurdles for agriculture just keep mounting …

NEWHOUSE … “Agriculture faces a lot of challenges today. It truly does from many different fronts, from regulation at the state and federal level, and high input costs, a scarcity of the labor force, markets, the competition around the globe.”

The Sunnyside farmer has learned from experience …

NEWHOUSE … “As you can tell, I’m a little biased towards the agricultural industry. I think it’s very important and key. Like I said, I can’t overstate the importance it is to every single community in our state of Washington.”

The times, Newhouse says are a changin’ …

NEWHOUSE … “You know, farming used to be, the United States population was an agrarian society, meaning most people lived in rural areas and worked and lived on farms. Today, we’re what, less than 2% of the entire population.”

Too many, Newhouse says just don’t have a clue …

NEWHOUSE … “And so, I think it’s just a matter of we, as people in the industry, have to make sure we tell our stories. We’ve gotta let people understand, make sure that we educate people as to the importance of it.”

Newhouse says none of us should take our food supply and what it takes to produce it for granted.

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