Sustainability Premiums 'Translating to Real Dollars' For Farmers

Sustainability Premiums 'Translating to Real Dollars' For Farmers

Tim Hammerich
Tim Hammerich
News Reporter
This is Tim Hammerich of the Ag Information Network with your Farm of the Future Report.

There continues to be more interest in sustainable farming practices, but is that translating into real dollars for farmers? FBN Financial general manager Dan English says that big buyers are paying up for growing practices that qualify.

English… “We partner with folks like a ADM and Poet, to help qualify the growers that they're working with to say that, hey, they've met these certain sustainability practices, whether it's cover crop, no-till, precision nitrogen application, et cetera. To verify and help them verify to their buyers the quality of the grain that they're purchasing.”

English says these programs are generating some serious dollars for farmers.

English… “This upcoming year, we'll be paying out probably north of 10, 15, $20 million in premiums to growers, and so real money that's going out to help people.”

Not all programs are created equally, but English said the partners FBN are working with are serious about sustainability.

English… “You know, I think for a lot of growers they've kind of wondered, is there gonna be money here? Is there anything to do? And I think there's been a lot of false starts in the industry, but I think we have a big program with big grain buyers who are committed to this. I mean, it's translating to real dollars and real money for farmers.”

Again that is Dan English, general manager of FBN financial. You can learn more about these programs and others by visiting their website:

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