Farm Bill Likelihood Pt 2

Farm Bill Likelihood Pt 2

Bob Larson
Bob Larson
From the Ag Information Network, I’m Bob Larson. The likelihood of getting a new Farm Bill done this session, and in an election year, leaves many in doubt.

But, Tyson Redpath, Principal at the Russell Group, says with the slimmest Republican majority and both sides playing politics, there’s still a “right way” of doing things …

REDPATH … “Farm Bills have lived and survived the test of time because they’ve included the minority. They’ve been bipartisan and they’ve gone through a regular order committee process. I’d encourage the leadership of both committees to let’s get that started again.”

And the Farm Bill, Redpath says won’t be cheap …

REDPATH … “That too, I think, could be equal in its compound problem of why we haven’t seen a Farm Bill yet. Yeah, I mean, the last Congressional Budget Office score pegged this Farm Bill, just a continuation of the existing Farm Bill, at $1.5 Trillion over ten years. So it is our histories first, our nation’s first Trillion dollar Farm Bill.”

But in the end, Redpath says, he has faith …

REDPATH … “Look, I still remain hopeful and still believe this Grand Experiment that is the United States and the United State’s Congress, is the best in the world.”

Redpath is hopeful we see an example of the legislative process done the right way, in regular order.

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