Potato LEAF 2024 Pt 2

Potato LEAF 2024 Pt 2

Bob Larson
Bob Larson
From the Ag Information Network, I’m Bob Larson. It’s an opportunity for potato industry leaders to learn some valuable lessons that go back 161 years.

National Potato Council Chief Operating Officer, Mike Wenkel says applications for the “Leadership in the Field: From Battlefield to Potato Field” are now being accepted …

WENKEL … “So, the program is open to anyone in the industry. We do have a selection committee and a couple of our goals on that aspect is making sure that we have representation, geographically, throughout the country.”

As for who they’re looking for, Wenkel says …

WENKEL … “Making sure that, while we’ll probably be heavily focused on growers that we also have participants from other sectors from the potato industry participating. And also, really a focus on people that have some past leadership experience and past leadership training.”

Leaders, Wenkel says of all kinds …

WENKEL … “Whether that’s participating in programs of their state or local Farm Bureau, whether it’s participating in state leadership development programs or in the programs of our industry like the Leadership Institute.”

So, Wenkel says don’t wait …

WENKEL … “The application is available www.PLEAF.org , which is our website. And applications will be accepted through March 1.”

Leadership in the Field: From Battlefield to Potato Field will be held July 15-18 at the Gettysburg National Military Park in Pennsylvania.

The fee for selected participants is $1,800, which includes all programming by Licensed Battlefield Guides, most meals, and lodging at the Gettysburg Hotel in downtown Gettysburg.

The cost of travel is not included in the program fees.

For more, visit https://pleaf.org/leadership-in-the-field.

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