GroPro Pt 1

GroPro Pt 1

Bob Larson
Bob Larson
From the Ag Information, I’m Bob Larson. If you’re a farmer, a grower, and haven’t heard of GroPro yet, it’s about time you did. GroPro, in their own words, is about growing and protecting what’s yours. Your soil, your crops, your health, your investment and our planet.

Sales Agronomist Matt Smith says they deliver biopesticides where you need them and, as that “bio” implies, they are natural …

SMITH … “Exactly, yes, we are an essential oil-based company. So, all of our AI’s are natural, derived from plants, essential oil-based materials.”

And, Smith says they are all about boosting your yield …

SMITH … “Most all of our products have a component for increasing yield, not only for protection, but also plant stimulation for increased production.”

And for that, Smith says they have just the product …

SMITH … “Our “Vigilance” is an excellent nematicide, but with applying it we are actually stimulating the plant to produce and generate a greater root mass. And with that greater root mass, our trials have shown that we have an increase in production.”

Tune in tomorrow for more on GroPro and why increasing your production is what it’s all about.

To learn more about GroPro, their mission and their products … check out their website …

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