CCA Fuel Tax Pt 1

CCA Fuel Tax Pt 1

Bob Larson
Bob Larson
From the Ag Information Network, I’m Bob Larson. We’re not hearing much about the oversight of agriculture’s exemption from the Climate Commitment Act’s carbon tax on the mainstream media, but those in the business are well aware that they’re paying the tax anyway.

Bre Elsey, Government Affairs Director at the Washington Farm Bureau, says the exemption is written into the law …

ELSEY … “The statute specifically says that Ecology shall adopt rules to implement the provisions of the program. And you touched on something too that I think is equally important is, why isn’t the mainstream media picking this up?”

Since the tax went into effect in January, Elsey says, the DOE has admitted no wrongdoing …

ELSEY … “So, Ecology is pointing the finger at fuel suppliers and the Governor’s office, who could be holding Ecology accountable at this time, has bought into their narrative as well and has not advised them that they need to resolve this problem.”

In the meantime, Elsey says, this is costing agriculture millions …

ELSEY … “And then the legislature has no political will to engage in the conversation and I can kind of understand why. Because even if they were to bring forth legislation, the Governor’s office has made it abundantly clear that they would veto that bill.”

Tune in tomorrow as we look at the NEXT STEP to getting this fuel tax exemption enforced.

It is estimated the agricultural sector alone will be illegally overcharged $74 million this year due to this exemption not being recognized.

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