Vive's AZterknot Fungicide Pt 2

Vive's AZterknot Fungicide Pt 2

Bob Larson
Bob Larson
From the Ag Information Network, I’m Bob Larson. A fungicide from Vive Crop Protection, unlike its name sounds, is well grounded but other worldly.

Vive’s Jonathan Adamson says AZterknot pairs up Azoxystrobin with the Reynoutria extract to create many benefits for producing better, healthier plants …

ADAMSON … “It really helps that plant with early season disease prevention, but it also strengthens and gives the plant that shot of plant health where it’s going to strengthen its cellular wall and its cellular makeup to prevent disease down the road in the harder months when you hit, you know, late July or late August when those plants are really getting stressed out.”

Adamson says it works from within …

ADAMSON … “It really triggers within the plant to protect itself against disease and drought. And that’s how it works.”

That kind of chemistry, Adamson says, is what Vive does best …

ADAMSON … “You know, we’re a technology company and so whether it’s conventional chemistry that we’re working with or biologicals, we’re finding ways to make those products better and give growers better opportunities.”

These, Adamson says, are the benefits of time …

ADAMSON … “A lot more tools are becoming available to the grower and, I think, as they embrace them they’re getting more excited about what it’s doing for them.”

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