Productivity Plus

Productivity Plus

Tim Hammerich
Tim Hammerich
News Reporter
This is Tim Hammerich of the Ag Information Network with your Farm of the Future Report.

Access to credit is an important key to success in American agriculture. Brian Tombari of CNH Industrial Capital, says they can help to simply the process of farmer purchasing.

Tombari… “Running a farm is hard work and a significant investment. We want our customers to have flexibility with their time and cash flow. By simplifying your purchasing process, you can dedicate focus to other areas of your operation and plus up your productivity.”

In order to do so, Tombari says the company launched their Productivity Plus Program.

Tombari… “Case IH’s captive finance partner, CNH Industrial Capital, offers a line of credit called Productivity Plus. This line of credit can be used for qualifying parts, service, inspections, and rentals, putting all your Case IH purchases and services in one place. Productivity Plus is specifically designed with farmers in mind, with specific offers for the full range of seasonal farming needs. Productivity Plus account holders also have access to exclusive offers and flexible payment terms.

Tombari says Productivity Plus can also help keep farmers organized.

Tombari… “Productivity Plus helps farmers simplify, save time, and stay organized by putting all purchases in one place, under one system. That means easier tracking, with one billing statement and due date, making accounting simple. Also, everyone you work with, from those in the call center to equipment servicing, are part of the CNH Industrial family, which means no third-party outsourcing.”

Again, that’s Brian Tombari who is the Productivity Plus Program at CNH Industrial Capital.

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