Potato Expo 2023 Pt 2

Potato Expo 2023 Pt 2

Bob Larson
Bob Larson
From the Ag Information Network, I’m Bob Larson. This year’s Potato Expo took place last week in Aurora, Colorado.

One of this year’s highlights was the “This Spuds for You: Celebrity Cookoff” featuring Food Network celebrities, Ted Allen, Duff Goldman, AND Simon Majumdar, on hand for his third Potato Expo ...

MAJUMDAR … “I get here to meet people who really kind of create or have fun with them. And I love, love potatoes, because, you know, I’m from England. We love potatoes. I have friends from Ireland. We love potatoes. And so, to me, it’s just real fun to be here.”

So, how did his Food Network friends get there? …

MAJUMDAR … “What happened was, Duff, he got in touch with me after seeing me posting on Twitter. And I said, well it’s fantastic, and he goes, well how come I don’t get to be on the Potato Expo? And I said, well you can be. I’ll get you invited.”

And the cook-off idea just made sense …

MAJUMDAR … “What I always say is, yeah, we’re going to have fun doing the competition, but we’re going to take it really seriously as well.”

But his good friend Duff Goldman says, wait a minute …

GOLDMAN … “No, we’re not … ha ha ha … I think Simon was taking it more seriously than … I don’t know … no, no, no … I mean it’s all fun.”

And the audience? …

GOLDMAN … “I don’t know. I guess there’s just something in potatoes that makes people nice. You know, everybody’s so cool.”

But, will Goldman be back? …

GOLDMAN … “Yeah, if they have me back, I will be back here in a heartbeat.”

That would be next year, January 10-11 in Austin, Texas for the 2024 Potato Expo.

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