WAEF Update Pt 2

WAEF Update Pt 2

Bob Larson
Bob Larson
From the Ag Information Network, I’m Bob Larson with today’s Fruit Grower Report. The Washington Apple Education Foundation continues its efforts to fund scholarships for students from the tree fruit industry.

WAEF President, Faviola Barbosa says the industry is very generous and, in fact, three companies just “matched” their November donations …

BARBOSA … “That was CMI Orchards, Orchard-Rite, and Fine America. And because of that match, we were able to raise $30,000 for our students.”

And 2023, Barbosa says will begin with a flurry …

BARBOSA … “In January, we’re going to have our board meeting. We’re going to have some new board members come in and enter the Foundation, but most importantly we’re going to have strategic planning. So, what is it that we want to do moving forward?”

Barbosa says, her first year has been great …

BARBOSA … “Me being new, I’ve been learning lots of things. But now being able to have more direction from the board as far as what our goals are going to be, how we want to move forward, and continue to serve the industry. And, as you were mentioning, some of it is changing so how are we going to strategically approach those changes?”

And, Barbosa says it’s all about the industries’ generosity …

BARBOSA … “We have a lot of alumni that support us and come back and contribute their time. We have volunteers so thank you very much to all of our volunteers, our donors and communities that support us. We really appreciate that.”

Go to www.waef.org to make your donation or to learn more about the Washington Apple Education Foundation.

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