WAEF Update Pt 1

WAEF Update Pt 1

Bob Larson
Bob Larson
From the Ag Information Network, I’m Bob Larson with today’s Fruit Grower Report. I had a chance to catch up with many tree fruit industry folks at the WSTFA Hort Expo in Wenatchee recently, including the new leader of the Washington Apple Education Foundation.

Faviola Barbosa has been the WAEF president now for about 10-months and says the transition has been pretty smooth …

BARBOSA … “The transition has been amazing. I obviously have an amazing staff that has made that transition possible and also an amazing board. We have worked very well together and being able to meet the mission of the foundation which is obviously, we’re the charity of the tree fruit industry.”

And, Barbosa says it’s all about the students …

BARBOSA … “We want to be able to serve students, provide them scholarships, provide them the wrap-around services so that they can be successful and then graduate and enter their career.”

That probably has something to do with agriculture …

BARBOSA … “Obviously, our emphasis is we want students that are interested in a tract within agriculture or we want to introduce that possibility to them.”

And many, Barbosa says aren’t aware of all the opportunities …

BARBOSA … “You know, there’s business, accounting, technology is huge, and so being able to bring those students and educate them of those potential possibilities is a huge part of our mission because we want them, not only to go into the industry or come back to their own communities and serve their communities as well.”

Tune in tomorrow for more on WAEF’s first year under Faviola Barbosa’s leadership.

Go to www.waef.org to make your donation or to learn more about the Washington Apple Education Foundation.

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