RMA Roadshow Pt 1

RMA Roadshow Pt 1

Bob Larson
Bob Larson
From the Ag Information Network, I’m Bob Larson. Crop insurance is a major issue during these challenging times, and USDA is offering virtual workshops for growers on the latest improvements to the Whole Farm Revenue Production and the Micro Farm insurance options.

Risk Management Administrator, Marcia Bunger says Northwest specialty crop growers should find tomorrow’s RMA Roadshow helpful …

BUNGER … “Micro Farm was a new pilot rolled out last year and that is geared towards small, beginning farmers, specialty crop growers, organic crop growers, urban ag growers that have a much smaller size operation.”

And that group, Bunger says is growing …

BUNGER … “I think we’re seeing more interest, but I also think that there’s been small farmers, specialty crop growers around for a long time. And the wide range of policies that RMA already has still was not covering their needs.”

And that, Bunger says became apparent …

BUNGER … “Because while we have over a hundred types of insurance policies, we were finding that those individual types of crop policies were not meeting the needs of the specialty crop growers, the smaller types of operations and Micro Farms does that.”

Tune in tomorrow for more on tomorrow’s virtual RMA Roadshow at 8:00am Pacific time.

Go to www.rma.usda.gov to register or for more information on crop insurance and the RMA Roadshow.

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