World Pear Day Pt 1

World Pear Day Pt 1

Bob Larson
Bob Larson
From the Ag Information Network, I’m Bob Larson with today’s Fruit Grower Report. With harvest season in our rear-view, it’s once again time to enjoy and celebrate our delicious Northwest Pears.

And this Saturday is World Pear Day with live and virtual celebrations planned …

CORREA … “December 3rd is the 7th Annual World Pear Day. It’s day that the Pear Bureau created to celebrate all things pear around the world, as a way to get our export markets involved as well as domestic markets.”

Pear Bureau Northwest’s Jeff Correa says it’s been difficult, the past couple of years, getting pears to those foreign markets …

CORREA … “Shipping challenges the past two years have kind of curtailed that type of activity. There’s a lot of gaps in supply in a lot of countries that don’t have pears in the market yet. So, we’ve pivoted to more digital activities with all participating with some of, you know, post or video.”

And when COVID hit, virtual celebrations became practical …

CORREA … “Yeah, it’s turned people on to pears. It’s also to remind pears that we are in season. This is our peak month of availability in most of our export markets. And, under normal circumstances, when we’re not facing shipping delays or shipping challenges, December is typically the peak month when we are available in all export markets.”

On social media, Correa says you can show your involvement with a couple of simple hashtags …

CORREA … “We have #WorldPearDay and #CelebratePearsMonth.

Tune in tomorrow for more … on World Pear Day and Celebrate Pears Month!

Go to to learn more about World Pear Day, and a month of celebration.

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