Upcoming Water Storage Solutions: CA Delta Conveyance Project?

Upcoming Water Storage Solutions: CA Delta Conveyance Project?

California Department of Water Resources released the draft Environmental Impact Report (EIR) for the Delta Conveyance Project. The proposed infrastructure plan would divert Sierra Nevada water from the Delta, to Southern California for farmland and residential use.

The project’s environmental program manager, Carrie Buckman, joins us to discuss the details of this massive water plan.

“We recognize, and have really been seeing in the last few years, that climate change is really starting to effect how water is present and managed in the state of California… what we are looking at, is being able to capture water in the north Delta on the Sacramento River, move it underground through a tunnel to the south Delta, and connect to the existing state water project infrastructure there.”

Join us next time as I outline the positive, and negative, impacts this could have on agriculture in California.

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