BASF Cevya Fungicide Receives Additional CA Registration

BASF Cevya Fungicide Receives Additional CA Registration

California vegetable growers can now use BASF Cevya fungicide following the Department of Pesticide Regulations’ green light.

BASF Tech Service Rep from the San Joaquin Valley, Kevin Caffrey, joins us to tell us more.

“Cevya fungicide is our newest offer from BASF in California, we received California registration for what we are calling wave one crops, the initial registration for Cevya in tree nuts, stone fruit, grapes, and pulp fruit. That was back in late ’21. But the exciting thing is we’ve already added to that list. So in early July, we were able to add cucurbits, fruit and veg, and root vegetables- including carrots. It’s a very strong fungicide… just seeing great results. And certainly in a year like this where there are some supply constraints very good timing for a new product to come on the market to support our growers across California.”

To learn more, talk with your local BASF experts or go to

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