Fun on the Farm

Fun on the Farm

Bob Larson
Bob Larson
From the Ag Information Network, I’m Bob Larson. Rising input prices and higher inflation is adding to stress levels on farms across the country.

Karen Endres (EHN-dress) is the farmer wellness program coordinator for the Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, and says she talks to a lot of producers about today’s challenges on the farm …

ENDRES … “So, there's been a lot of discussion about stress on our families, on our businesses, and some things we can do about that. We've had some conversations about what is self-care, like how do we take care of ourselves in a time when we're feeling stress or anxiety?”

Ednres says it's really important, especially while we're in this pandemic, to connect with your community again, like in the old days and card parties …

ENDRES … “Remember, we all have those stories, whether it was our parents or grandparents, they always had a standing card group that they would go to, and some of them would be out till 2 am, and they'd be back milking cows at 5 am. And it was that tradition, but part of that tradition is it was entertaining. It was connecting with others, and it was doing something that helped us relax and enjoy, so trying to bring back some of those things into our lives.”

She says it’s okay to have fun, even as farmers …

ENDRES … “We fix things. We work, work, work, right, when maybe we can't have that extra employee right now because, one, they're not available, or two, we don't have the money for it. So, it's really about trying to work some of that fun back into our lives.”

Karen Endres of the Wisconsin Department of Agriculture.

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