Input Costs Bill Pt 1

Input Costs Bill Pt 1

Bob Larson
Bob Larson
From the Ag Information Network, I’m Bob Larson with today’s Fruit Grower Report. A bill has been introduced in the House that supporters say would protect and promote American agriculture by reversing regulatory barriers to domestic production.

U.S. Representative Dan Newhouse says House Bill 8069, the Reducing Farm Input Costs and Barriers to Production Act, would get government out of the way of agriculture …

NEWHOUSE … “We already have so many barriers to success right now with costs going up, the inability to secure necessary inputs and all the different problems and challenges that we’re facing in agriculture, government should not be one of those challenges.”

This bill, Newhouse says would be a big help …

NEWHOUSE … “So, we’re trying to find ways where we can remove some of the red-tape requirements, make sure that we have the chemical tools that are so important to modern agriculture that they continue to be available. Reduce some of the proposed requirements that agencies are coming up with in this administration to start requiring farmers to perform.”

Because, Newhouse says we’re headed in the wrong direction …

NEWHOUSE … “Truly just advocating for solutions to return to a pro-growth economy. And we want this administration to reduce its harmful regulatory agenda.”

Tune in tomorrow for more on HB 8069 and why what we’re currently asking of farmers in these already challenging times is just too much for most of them to bear.

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