Bob Larson
Bob Larson
From the Ag Information Network, I’m Bob Larson. The recently introduced FORESTS Act could help with proactive management of federal forests, reduce wildfire risk, and provide support for timber communities.

One of the sponsors, Washington Republican Dan Newhouse says it would involve the federal government partnering with private contractors …

NEWHOUSE … “It would be an active relationship to establish these, what are called Forest Active Management Areas, within the forest units, and through that set up an annual volume requirement for timber production so that we can manage those areas that are ready and suitable for commercial harvest.”

In, Newhouse says a collaborative effort …

NEWHOUSE … “Through that process then, we can conduct the kind of harvest that would better manage and provide a healthier forest and more able to withstand fires that do occur and lessen the catastrophic nature of those fires.”

Newhouse says it would simplify the process …

NEWHOUSE … “It also should work, I think, towards cutting that regulatory red-tape by excluding the designation of management of these Forest Active Management Areas from the NEPA, the National Environmental Policy Act.”

Beside improving forest health, Newhouse says the FORESTS Act would help the local communities with a portion of the revenues generated through these forest management activities.

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