Dairy Classification

Dairy Classification

Tim Hammerich
Tim Hammerich
News Reporter
It’s time for your Farm of the Future Report. I’m Tim Hammerich.

Dairy farmers and breeders are always looking for ways to raise the bar when it comes to genetics and improvement. And they have help with that through Holstein Association USA. Classifier Tim Abrahamson says classification can go a long way toward improving dairy herds.

Abrahamson… “Classification, I saw, is something where I get to see a lot of really good cows and also help breeders to improve their herds and identify strengths and weaknesses within their herds.”

Abrahamson said classification is not a subjective process. It’s a method that generates real data for dairy producers.

Abrahamson… “Each cow, we’re breaking down with twenty linear traits. And those traits, we’re gonna find the good parts about the cow, and probably more importantly, we’re finding the parts that aren’t so good about the cow.”

The score helps dairymen determine how their animals stand up against other registered Holsteins all across the country. And the criteria evolves to meet the needs of today’s dairy producers.

Abrahamson… “You learn something different from every guy and get experience out in the field and you work on classifying with that person there, looking over your shoulder, to help you get good and master it before you go out on your own.”

The classification process keeps evolving as classifiers become better and better at what they do. And those improvements go directly to the bottom line. Learn more at HolsteinUSA.com.

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