United Grain Corporation Pt 1

United Grain Corporation Pt 1

Bob Larson
Bob Larson
I’m Bob Larson. In these challenging times, many of us are forced to change, or “evolve” as it were. That’s the idea behind the United Grain Corporation’s new “United for Success” campaign, a new roadmap for meeting the changing needs of growers and customers.

UGC CEO Augusto Bassanini says the idea was born over the past couple of years through conversations with stakeholders …

BASSANINI … “At the end of the day, we recognized that what success means to us is that we cannot expect success unless those who we serve are successful along with us.”

Bassanini says it’s an all or none approach …

BASSANINI … “So, we are really here to serve the needs of our producers, suppliers, global customers to make sure that we meet their evolving demands. And in doing so, we’re uniting the entire supply chain ecosystem and creating success for all. So that’s kind of how this process evolved.”

The challenges, Bassanini says aren’t going away soon …

BASSANINI … “The nature of the growing conditions are that we’ve been in a La Nina year so that has been very disruptive in terms of production. Certainly, in the Pacific Northwest, you know, the producers in this region have suffered because of the drought that we experienced last year. We are technically still in the drought conditions today so that still remains the dominant theme going into this spring and summer.”

Tune in tomorrow for more on UGC’s “United for Success” brand evolution for the grain exports.

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