WAEF's New Boss Pt 2

WAEF's New Boss Pt 2

Bob Larson
Bob Larson
With today’s Fruit Grower Report, I’m Bob Larson. Dr.

Faviola Barbosa is settling into her new job as the

Executive Director at the Washington Apple Education Foundation and is feeling like her life, growing up in the tree fruit industry and then working in higher education, will serve her well …

BARBOSA … “I’ve been very lucky that working in higher education and now having this opportunity to work with WAEF, it just feels like I have gone full-circle and can definitely apply all of that experience.”

And as she sees it, her mission for WAEF …

BARBOSA … “So WAEF is the charity of the tree fruit industry and the and the mission is to impact the lives through the accessing higher education opportunities. And for me that means, once again, working with students, helping them not only receive the funding to get into college but receive the wrap-around services.”

But also, Barbosa say letting these college-hopefuls know WAEF is there for them …

BARBOSA … “Assuring a student that for four years, as they’re pursuing their academic goal to have that security of knowing that WAEF has their back, I think is something very unique and just makes it so much easier for them to be successful.”

Barbosa also hopes to continue and expand WAEF’s outreach …

BARBOSA … “As people start learning more about the opportunities that WAEF offers, I think that will also demonstrate the need and we can definitely go out into the industry and be able to present the numbers, the data, and get the funding to help us increase the program.”

For any questions on scholarships or WAEF services, go to www.waef.org

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