Rural Prosperity Act Pt 2

Rural Prosperity Act Pt 2

Bob Larson
Bob Larson
I’m Bob Larson. Establishing a single office of Rural Prosperity is the idea a measure introduced by U.S. Representative Dan Newhouse to simplify a system that’s currently managed through hundreds of federal agencies set up to benefit rural America.

To that end, Newhouse says it’s about consolidating a system that is unnecessarily complicated …

NEWHOUSE … “This may look like growing government. Actually, by creating a new office of Rural Prosperity it actually makes government much more efficient and streamlines it and makes it more useful.”

A single office, Newhouse says would make things so much easier …

NEWHOUSE … “Instead of being hidden all over dozens of offices and subagencies, we can bring it together so that there’s kind of a ‘one-stop shop,’ so to speak, so people can find the federal support that they’re looking for, for rural communities.”

Newhouse says the measure is a good step forward to better coordinate the good intentions of federal government …

NEWHOUSE … “I’m happy to see that it is not only attracting bipartisan support, but also the Senate now is looking at it as a positive thing as well. So, I’m encouraged by that and I think we have a good chance of passing this government efficiency measure into law.”

Newhouse says the Rural Prosperity Act would ensure better coordination across several federal agencies that benefit rural Americans.

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