Vive Crop Protection Pt 2

Vive Crop Protection Pt 2

Bob Larson
Bob Larson
I’m Bob Larson. Vive Crop Protection launched in 2016, making it a relatively new company, but when it comes to a grower-focused approach to developing products and technologies that provide what is needed, they are wise beyond their years.

Jonathan Adamson, Vive Regional Sales Manager, says given the supply chain challenges of the past couple of years, they’ve been able keep up …

ADAMSON … “We really have. We’ve been fortunate. There’s been some challenges. Obviously, everyone is fighting that right now. The position we’re in right now, we have had very good opportunities to procure the products that we need, the raw materials that we need, so product is good.”

And the challenges, Adamson says are not lost on the growers …

ADAMSON … “Growers are concerned about that and we’ve had quite a few growers call me and ask me that same question. Do you have product available? What’s it look like? Because, a lot of them are putting product in their storage facilities earlier than they ever have. And so it’s nice to be on the top side of that saying, hey we have product, happy to get it to you whenever you’re ready to take it.”

That, Adamson says is what makes them special …

ADAMSON … “We’ve approached it with a different opportunity in saying, let’s go out and make a difference. Let’s bring data that solidifies what we’re doing and shows the growers that we’re serious about it and we’re not just trying to make them a quick sales pitch. We’re actually trying to help them do what they need to do better.”

Adamson says things should get easier as we, hopefully, get more face to face contacts with growers.

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