Vive Crop Protection Pt 1

Vive Crop Protection Pt 1

Bob Larson
Bob Larson
I’m Bob Larson. When it comes to applying chemicals or biologicals on your farm, you need to go straight to the problem, without causing additional issues.

Vive Crop Protection is committed to developing products and technologies to do just that.

Regional Sales Manager Jonathan Adamson says their nanotechnology, called Allosperse, has really made the difference since his arrival at Vive two years ago …

ADAMSON … “I had confidence in what we would do and what our technology could do, but now I’ve seen it and proved it out. And it has been so exciting to see growers try our products and then come back and say, man that really worked. Like, it did what you said it would do and it solved, you know, this mixing challenge or this compatibility challenge or we controlled that disease better than we’ve ever controlled it before.”

For example, Adamson says …

ADAMSON … “I had a Southeast Idaho grower tell me, he says, this is the best disease control for rhizoctonia since we started using your products three years ago that we’ve ever had on the farm. And that’s exciting for us, as a small company and an up-and-comer, to be able to get that kind of feedback because, you know let’s be honest, growers, you know, they want something to work and if it doesn’t work, they’ll be the first ones tell you.”

That’s because, Adamson says they’re grower-focused …

ADAMSON … “Not just having a product to sell, but actually having something that provides an opportunity for a grower to take that stress away.”

Tune in tomorrow for more … on Vive Crop Protection.

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