Senator Ericksen's Passing

Senator Ericksen's Passing

Bob Larson
Bob Larson
I’m Bob Larson. A big supporter of agriculture in Washington state, longtime state Senator Doug Ericksen has died after being diagnosed with COVID while in El Salvador last month.

Washington State Farm Bureau Director of Government Relations, Tom Davis says Ericksen has always been on the side of ag …

DAVIS … “I first met Senator Ericksen in 1997 and had the honor to work with him these past 24-years. It’s hard to believe. And throughout that time, Doug was a constant supporter of the values and needs, not only of his own district, but you know really was a go-to person on agricultural issues as well. He was always a strong support of ag statewide, throughout all of his years there in the legislature.”

Davis says it’s a huge loss …

DAVIS … “And really, we relied on him heavily, especially over the past 5, 6 years it seemed, on the environmental issues, climate change. He was just a knowledgeable statesman on those issues and had a thoughtful voice of reason during the committee hearings on the really hard bills from our industry’s perspective. And, honestly, his presence, his insight is really going to be missed.”

Davis says his work was always appreciated …

DAVIS … “He was a friend and an ally to many of us and his work will not be forgotten. He was unique, he was impactful. And, I guess lastly, our thoughts and prayers are with his family during this very difficult time. He’s going to be missed by all of us.”

Ericksen was 52 and leaves behind his wife and two daughters.

The exact cause of death or other details, including where Ericksen was when he died, were not immediately disclosed.

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