Winegrowers 2021 Dec 10

Winegrowers 2021 Dec 10

Mike Stephens
Mike Stephens
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For California Ag Today, I’m Mike Stephens

Outstanding quality reported for 2021 wine grape harvest,

Wine grape growers have enjoyed a smooth harvest following a moderate and consistent growing season. Winemakers across California predict that the 2021 vintage will be one of the best in recent memory.

Picking began early in many regions, including the North Coast. Ranging from a week to several weeks ahead of average. The Central Coast experienced a cool year that prompted a later than average start.

Grapes for sparkling wines are typically the first to be picked, but this year, some varieties for white wines, such as Sauvignon Blanc, were the first to ripen. Varieties that don’t normally reach maturity at the same time ripened simultaneously, resulting in vineyard crews in some regions picking multiple varieties at once.

The ongoing drought presented challenges for winegrowers, resulting in reduced yields, but vintners are reporting outstanding quality and great concentration in the fruit.

California produces about 80% of the nation’s wine, making it the world’s fourth-largest wine producing region. More than 80% of California wine is made in a Certified Sustainable California Winery and over half of the state’s 637,000 vineyard acres are certified to one of California’s sustainability programs (Certified California Sustainable Winegrowing, Fish Friendly Farming, LODI RULES, and SIP-Certified). Along with preserving the land for future generations, many of the sustainable practices used by the state’s vintners help make the harvest and growing season run more smoothly and increase wine quality.

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