Supply Chain Challenges Pt 2

Supply Chain Challenges Pt 2

Bob Larson
Bob Larson
I’m Bob Larson. The supply chain delays and challenges, it’s no secret, need to be addressed and nowhere is that more evident than in the agricultural sector.

One of the big domestic challenges facing the supply chain, according to U.S. Representative Dan Newhouse is one that’s been growing for several years now…

NEWHOUSE … “What has really come to the forefront is the shortage of over-the-road truck drivers. And that has truly had an impact on our ability to provide us with the parts and supplies that we need.”

And one solution their working on, Newhouse says deals with the Commercial Drivers Licenses …

NEWHOUSE … “So that we can increase the number of people that choose truck driving as a profession, make some changes to the CDL in order to get younger people engaged in the industry early on so that they can pursue that path and make it easier for them to acquire their CDL and start training as early as the age of 18.”

This, Newhouse says is not a new problem …

NEWHOUSE … “This problem has been going on for a while but the pandemic has certainly exacerbated it and now we’re kind of behind in trying to come up with ways to fix it. So, you can’t fix it overnight, but I think there are some things that we can do as long as the administration helps us do that.”

More than 80 bipartisan House members, including Newhouse, wrote Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg urging the DOT allow truck drivers under 21 to cross state lines.

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