Ag Innovation

Ag Innovation

Maura Bennett
Maura Bennett

Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack says the overall point of the climate meeting in Scotland is simple.

Vilsack: We’d like to save the planet.”

And to save the planet the USDA chief made a major funding announcement while in Scotland.

Vilsack: “ We’re announcing $25 million that’s going to fund 18 different projects one of which involves the state of Wisconsin taking a look at dairy farms operations and trying to figure out how to reduce methane from those dairy operations. It’s an incredibly important tie in the climate discussion here.”

Vilsack made the announcement during an internet conference with Michigan Senator Debbie Stabenow, Chair of the Senate Ag Committee.

Stabenow says innovation is a key to solving the issues around climate change.

The funding Vilsack announced is under the umbrella of US Ag Innovation programs.

The Agriculture Department's Climate Smart Ag and Forestry Partnership Initiative was also part of the conversation. It offers several potential benefits to farmers, ranchers, and foresters, according to a COP26 panel on the Initiative. Rob Larew of the National Farmers Union says the information gathered by the Initiative’s pilot projects will help clarify voluntary carbon markets for ag producers. Larew says the program will also and significantly bring down the costs of innovation and adaptation for those farmers.

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